My superbly crafted propaganda will titillate and expectorate, horrify and entertain, rape and pillage, etc your mind. Do not mentally consume any of my work if you expect to do any task in the near future that requires manual dexterity and/or bladder control. Please be patient while my minions finish smacking their heads against their keyboards. Subversive materials take time and love to make properly. Thank you for your cooperation. P.S. I've also been making YouTube videos at my channel, bitsetandmatch:




*Note: This story was aborted and will be likely rolled into another "collection" like my other story, "Thank you for your cooperation". As there doesn't appear to be a way to delete stories from Adventure Cow, I will keep the unfinished story online for archival purposes.


The world is falling apart... The gates of Heaven and hell are open. It feels like the end. An experiment in "context" in three short acts. Created in Twine. P.S. There is a secret "alternate" ending.

  Thank you for your cooperation

There are no endings, only divergent possibilities. I could tell you more, but then I would have to strangle you with a candy necklace... (Warning: This work contains relatively graphic violence and other darkly-comic subject matter like espresso-battles to the death and suicide) This story (or stories) is an experiment in non-linear storytelling and a "five-finger exercise" in writing fiction after a long hiatus. Thank you in advance for your cooperation... Have fun!

  The end of me

Dark apocalyptic fiction... Mature Content Warning


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