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  rat chaos

By: j chastain (posted by Chris) (Experimental, Humor, Science fiction, Twine)

A strange stream-of-consciousness journey, part parody, part wackiness. "Rat Chaos is the funniest Twine game I’ve ever played, and the most human." -From Porpentine's original review (Featured on and Rock Paper Shotgun 8/12/2012)

  Brooklyn Trash King

A game about running a Kickstarter. Unread.

  Escape from Cluster Zeta

A sci-fi mix of humor and text adventure game parody. Bits of it were fun, though it could've used more writing from the author. Now with achievements!

  The Thing About Dungeons

By: Brendan Patrick Hennessy (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Humor, Twine)

"So you're in this dungeon, right? And the thing about dungeons is you gotta start on the top and work your way down to the bottom." A funny and very hypothetical dungeon crawler.

  How To Get Ahead In Advertising

Microgame/story about a down and out advertising executive recounting the day he thought might be his last.

  Candy Ant Princess

By: Whisperbat (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun, Humor, Twine)

You are the Candy Ant Princess! After a cozy childhood as an (adorable) jelly larvae, you have emerged from your cell-cocoon as a fully formed Queen. From Rock Paper Shotgun: Running a candy ant colony is hard work. Will you raise your daughters to war or peace? Who can you trust in the ruthless environment of Strawberry Swirl Forest?

  The Message

By: Jeremy Lonien and Dominik Johann (posted by Chris) (Humor, Science fiction, Twine)

In 2015, the New Horizons probe reached Pluto. Days later, they arrived. A brief science fiction story.

  Field Report

By: Jeremy Lonien and Matthias Conrady (posted by Chris) (Humor, Romance, Twine)

Ever want to play a dating sim as the characters being played? You know you have! Be the dated in this short but amusing story. Made for Ludum Dare #25.

  University of Washington Virtual Walking Tour

By: Solon (posted by Chris) (Experimental, Humor)

What every tour of campus should be like. Features occasional forays into fantasy, pictures, and the memories of nostalgic college students.

  First Person Shooter

By: Joe Skrebels (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine)

Twine is a remarkably adaptable instrument. With it, even complex game mechanics can be reduced to simple, intuitive, text. Sometimes. This is a first person shooter. As a text adventure. It's rather silly.


By: Mike Meyer (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine)

You are a dinosaur. A dinosaur with an appetite for destruction.

  The SXSW Game

By: Leigh Alexander (posted by Chris) (Humor, Realistic fiction, Twine)

Author's description: a twine game about what i imagine #sxsw to be like based on never having been Via


By: Danny Rerucha (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Humor, Twine)

An oddly familiar tale...

  Cow Farming Activities on the Former West

By: Brendan Patrick Hennessy (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine)

From the story: In 1987, an anonymous team of computer scientists from the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic wrote a series of children's books based on the popular Choose Your Own Adventure series. The books were hastily translated into English and a small number were exported to America, but the CIA, fearing a possible Soviet mind control scheme, confiscated them all before they could be sold. Now declassified, the books have been lovingly converted to a digital hypertext format and put online for the English-speaking world to enjoy. What follows is the second book in the "You Will Select a Decision" series: Cow Farming Activities on the Former West.

  Thank you for your cooperation

There are no endings, only divergent possibilities. I could tell you more, but then I would have to strangle you with a candy necklace... (Warning: This work contains relatively graphic violence and other darkly-comic subject matter like espresso-battles to the death and suicide) This story (or stories) is an experiment in non-linear storytelling and a "five-finger exercise" in writing fiction after a long hiatus. Thank you in advance for your cooperation... Have fun!

  Adventures, in space! The life and times of a bored mechanic. In space.

By: xax (posted by Chris) (Humor, Science fiction, Twine)

You are a space mechanic. In space. Content is inappropriate at times.

  Alone in the Park

By: (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Humor, Puzzle)

Alone in the Park combines story and adventure game in a somewhat endearing way. From the authors: Play as a rather misanthropic gamer who finds herself lured away from her computer to embark upon a real world quest: finding hidden treasure in a national park. Annoyingly, doing this requires her to locate and reassemble pieces of a treasure map. And instead of being populated with cool creatures like giant vampire squid bats or something, the park's forests, lakes and mountains are home to the lamest NPCs imaginable. This treasure had better be fucking legendary.

  pathetic train of might and magic

By: matthew thompson (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine)

You are trapped on a train car, with just your wits and a trusty Orb of Hydration. What will you do?

  Button Roulette

By: Lana Polansky (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine)

A simple don't push the button game. What will you find when you push it? (Because you will.) Article on Rock Paper Shotgun:


By: Brendan Patrick Hennessy (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Science fiction, Twine)

Humorous parody of old NES games about taking on a colony of SPACE BEES. Via freeindiegames. Author's description: A video game about space bees.

  Rookie Recording

By: OhioFi (posted by Chris) (Humor, Realistic fiction, Twine)

A wild game where you are a sound engineer. How do I set the preamp? Who are the Simian Motor Stranglers? Should I really be using a condenser mic for a snare drum? Do they still use phantom power? What's phantom power? What am I doing? Where's the Taco Bell? (Might actually teach you a bit about being a sound engineer.) From the author's description: Rookie Recording is a Twine game that I created this summer. It’s a video game about street cred, microphones, late night Taco Bell cravings, analog signal flow, unreadable brutal lettering, and an Electronic Talking Sir George Martin Super-Producer® action figure (still in it’s original packaging).


By: Owen Hill (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine)

Can you squeeze in one game of CS: GO before visitors arrive? CS STORY is currently in beta.

  Ascii Bird

By: BigStompyRobots (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine, Beginner friendly)

Flappy Bird, reinvented in Twine, made for #flappyjam

  Fallen Swindon

By: Richard Cobbett (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine)

An amusing parody of the Fallen London games. Practically better than the real thing! From the author's description: 2014. Three days ago, Swindon was stolen by dyslexic bats who are in spectacular trouble with the Masters of the Bazaar right now. What a bloody awful way to start the week. But, what’s done is done and can’t be fixed, apparently. Good thing Swindoners can get used to anything…


By: PaperBlurt (posted by Chris) (Horror, Humor, Science fiction, Twine, Beginner friendly)

Space horror/humor for Ludum Dare 30

  The Life and Pride of the Bayou

A frog tries to mate with the girl of his dreams, but he is not big or strong enough. So he must go through some real off-the-wall obstacles in order to fill up his belly.