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Often featuring wizards, knights, and dragons, fantasy stories are typically any that take place in a magical world, though some tropes are common.

Eye of the Beholder

By Jonathan Xikis The tale of a girl who wins a contest, with unforseen consequences... We're actively working on updating this story. A new version with lots more story, features, gameplay, and color art is coming!

  Ring of Thieves

By: S. John Ross (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Gamebook)

Based on S. John Ross's Risus RPG, Ring of Thieves is a short but exciting adventure where a thief named Lucas must rescue his companion after an ambushed by a band only recognizable by their gray cloaks. The writing and characterization really drew me into the story. Recommended. Also mentioned in: Play This Thing!

  First Draft of the Revolution

The story takes place in an alternate 1788 France, where the nobles have the power of magic. A story where you rewrite the correspondence of Juliette, her husband Henri, and the others in the story. The fascinating thing about this approach is that this is basically a game about writing - you recompose the story and explore different parts through that rewriting. Worth reading. From the description: Juliette has been banished for the summer to a village above Grenoble: a few Alpine houses, a deep lake, blue sky, and no society. Now she writes daily to her husband. She tells how she went for a walk and ended thigh-deep in mud, how the draft comes in around the window, how extravagantly she has spent on new gloves, how she misses Paris. She plans her letters on ordinary pages, but when they are ready, she copies them on paper whose enchanted double is hundreds of miles off. The words form themselves on the matching sheaf in her husband's study. No time is wasted on couriers.


By: Porpentine (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Twine)

Journey through a haunting, empty search of who knows what. Inspired by a picture by zdzisław beksiński.

  The Thing About Dungeons

By: Brendan Patrick Hennessy (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Humor, Twine)

"So you're in this dungeon, right? And the thing about dungeons is you gotta start on the top and work your way down to the bottom." A funny and very hypothetical dungeon crawler.

DestinyQuest Infinite

A World of Magic and Adventure... Learn more about DestinyQuest Infinite here, at

  Candy Ant Princess

By: Whisperbat (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Featured on Rock Paper Shotgun, Humor, Twine)

You are the Candy Ant Princess! After a cozy childhood as an (adorable) jelly larvae, you have emerged from your cell-cocoon as a fully formed Queen. From Rock Paper Shotgun: Running a candy ant colony is hard work. Will you raise your daughters to war or peace? Who can you trust in the ruthless environment of Strawberry Swirl Forest?

  Twine RPG dot HTML

By: hellojed (posted by Chris) (Experimental, Fantasy, Twine)

An RPG made in Twine. Download and run; will have to host a version at some point. From the author: One day I'm like "could I make an RPG using twine and some Unicode square charachters to make an overworld? and what if it were like "The Walking Dead? but terrible?" And that's what this is.

  We Are the Firewall

By: Alan DeNiro (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Science fiction, Twine)

A game-novella set in near future Minneapolis.


By: Brendan Patrick Hennessy (posted by Chris) (Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Science fiction, Twine)

Humorous parody of old NES games about taking on a colony of SPACE BEES. Via freeindiegames. Author's description: A video game about space bees.

  Swan Hill

By: Laura Michet (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Twine)

You and your brother have been reunited after a long period of growing apart. Great power comes with a great price... From the author: Swan Hill is an interactive story about brothers who have grown apart. It has multiple endings.

  The Edyn Project

By: Katrina Elisse Caudle (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Science fiction, Twine)

Note: There's quite a bit of writing here already, but this is an introduction and first draft, meant to be for a longer project. See author's note. Once abandoned after a terrible plague, the White City is now home to a new utopian vision and a new generation of inhabitants, and you're one of them. Explore shops and find your way around this new world. From the author: “Sixty years after it was abandoned the White City has been taken under the wing of a new development collective. They’ve remade the city into an urban paradise and beacon of social change with digital currency, urban food forests, and a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with enough power to run the city for a thousand years. Her name is Edyn and there’s just one problem; they need to test her. Lured by the promise of fame and fortune, the most notorious hackers in the world are invited to come to the new city to test their skills against the ai program and prove whether or not utopia can really exist.”


By: Mike Snyder (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Horror, Twine)

From the author: Make your way down into the catacombs of Castle Hallowmoor and see if you've got the guts to make it out alive! Originally on

Dream, created 2014/01/07 11:19

My first Twine story, and a test to see what I could get the program to do (considering my minimal coding experience.)

  End Boss

By: Nick Keirle (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Twine, Beginner friendly)

A story about the choices we make. Most interactive stories are about what you do - make peace, make love, make war - but End Boss is about why. Quick but interesting story. Commentary from the author

DestinyQuest Infinite Preview

Welcome! We're pleased to present a free DEMO of DestinyQuest Infinite. DQI is based on a gamebook by Michael Ward. The full game is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style novel with over 600 pages and hundreds of weapons and other items. Check out DestinyQuest Infinite here, at If you encounter any problems, try refreshing the page! If that doesn’t help, send us an email at Thanks! SUPPORTED BROWSERS: Firefox, Chrome, and IE when it feels like it. Mobile support still in development.

My Unfinished Story

Go on an awesome adventure in to the woods.

DestinyQuest Infinite: Act III Demo

Welcome! We're pleased to present our SECOND demo from DestinyQuest Infinite: The Act 3 quest "The Warning." (If you haven't played DestinyQuest before, we recommend starting with the Act 1 demo.) Much like the Act I demo, this is a full quest from the book. However, unlike that demo, this is a more advanced quest - featuring more equipment, a much longer path, a little more back story, and a lot more action. Act 1 demo: Click here to play Support: Email us at Get DestinyQuest Infinite here:

King of Grinders

On the order of almighty God, one of his servants Harry created a new universe with millions of years of efforts. In one of its galaxy named as Grindoval Galaxy, there was an planet named as Grindo Planet. Harry chose this planet for Research and development on life. And finally after another million years of research he got successful in creating life. Then he created one life form after another. You are one of those creations. And the game is life simulation where you will be born, eat, sleep, live, work, combat, etc. and then die, and again reborn as new species.... So what are you waiting for, embark on this never ending journey and start grinding :)

  The Woe of Prince Gawain

A game set in medieval times, you are under trial for crimes you don't quite remember committing. Of course, that could do be the fault of your wounded head.

  The Skeleton King

A choose your own adventure story set in a magical realm where you must fight for victory! I mean, those are the rules of the Queen's arena. Choose your hero! Choose how you fight! Will you fight with honor? Will you show no mercy? Or are you just interested in showing off to that hot female undead skeleton in the fourth row? Explore this new realm and jump between making choices for unique and interesting characters that will have lasting consequences.

The House on the Hill

Your Grandfather has given you the deed to his house. He has informed you that it is haunted and wants you to go and cleanse it in order for you to inherit it.

  Apenas mais uma noite de trabalho.

Você é um ladrão (ou uma ladra) que deseja ingressar na Guilda dos ladrões da cidade fictícia de "Diebsturm". Invada a casa de um rico comerciante, roube tudo o que puder, explore os cômodos da casa e fuja sem ser notado.