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What is an interactive story?

An interactive story is a game that reads like a book. Readers will not just read your story, they'll play. Sometimes this may be as simple as just choosing which page to turn to next. Sometimes stories will let you choose what to say, where to go, or let you search for hidden clues.

Some examples of interactive stories include games made in Twine, Choose Your Own Adventure books, gamebooks and visual novels.

Want to write your own?

Check out our Learner's Corner for a tutorial on getting started, examples, and lessons in story/game design.

About Us

How did Adventure Cow get created?

Adventure Cow started in 2011 as a game where I would send one page of a Choose Your Own Adventure-style story to my friends every week. (You can play the whole game here!)

While at first it was just for fun, eventually I decided to share the tools, so that anyone, even someone who didn't program, could make and share their own interactive story.

Our first game, DestinyQuest, came out in 2014, and our story editor, StoryLab, came out in April of 2015.

Who's behind Adventure Cow?

Chris: Chris is a web developer who wanted to help people make things. He's played everything from Unreal Tournament to Unity of Command to Ubongo to Frontierville, and he spends every free moment thinking about what makes a good game and good game design.

Jeremy: Jeremy is the reason this site doesn't look ugly anymore. (Chris is the reason it still does) Among numerous other genres he also plays dance games, which covers one genre that Chris has barely touched.

Yuliya: Yuliya is most of the reason DestinyQuest Infinite ever came out and most of the reason anyone ever heard of it. She and Chris bonded over LOOM and have continually debated every other game since then.

Thanks also goes out to Daryl, Jessica, Joe, John, and Stacy, some of our past interns and associates.

Special thanks to: Tim, Dan for technical advice; Cheryl for her expertise as a tech writer; Danielle for artistic ideas; Roanna, Sonya, and Annie, for testing and other advice; Bridget, Karen and Christine for moral support; Charles, for general advice; Devi, Morgan, and Jeffrey, for supporting our early endeavours.


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