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By: Chris Klimas (posted by Chris) (Romance, Science fiction, Twine, Beginner friendly)

A short and sweet "speculative romance" by the creator of Twine, Chris Klimas, Remembered is a tale that's interesting to read, and mostly linear, with brief hypertext forays in to the protagonist's cloudy past. The visual style is appealing, with a plain page and text. Remembered is one of a set of stories written by Klimas, posted publicly at gimcrackd.com.

The Brownsville Detective Service

You're a new detective, on the lookout for a real mystery. A lady reports her jewelry's been stolen, and a couple of alligators are missing from the zoo. What will you do?

  A Conversation With Ophion

By: Michael McCollum (posted by Chris) (Science fiction, Twine, Beginner friendly)

Based on a hilarious @petermolydeux idea: 5 minute game where you play an asteroid that is headed towards Earth. Everyone hates you. All you can do is talk, what would you say? [Author's page]


Two is a branching interactive fiction telling the story of twelve year old Laura’s day at school as she navigates through the dangers of being a bright loner.

  How To Get Ahead In Advertising

Microgame/story about a down and out advertising executive recounting the day he thought might be his last.

  Demons and Deadlines

Can you survive Hell for the story of a lifetime? And escape with your soul intact? There's only one way to find out... Do you remember those old choose your own destiny you used to read as a kid? Think of this as one created out of the dark corners of your nightmares, with a bit of dark humor tossed in there now and then.

  Thank you for your cooperation

There are no endings, only divergent possibilities. I could tell you more, but then I would have to strangle you with a candy necklace... (Warning: This work contains relatively graphic violence and other darkly-comic subject matter like espresso-battles to the death and suicide) This story (or stories) is an experiment in non-linear storytelling and a "five-finger exercise" in writing fiction after a long hiatus. Thank you in advance for your cooperation... Have fun!

  The Axolotl Project Act I

Casey Cama thought her internship at Sadler Pharmaceutical's lunar research base was boring, until one of her test subjects escapes and leads her to discover a sinister secret.


The world is falling apart... The gates of Heaven and hell are open. It feels like the end. An experiment in "context" in three short acts. Created in Twine. P.S. There is a secret "alternate" ending.


*Note: This story was aborted and will be likely rolled into another "collection" like my other story, "Thank you for your cooperation". As there doesn't appear to be a way to delete stories from Adventure Cow, I will keep the unfinished story online for archival purposes.

  Fly on the wall

There is a fly on the wall... But it is not really a fly... And it wants you to decide who lives and dies. (Complete, but not fully proof-read and tested as of yet)

  Next Door Taker

"Help me." (Trapped birds flapping their white wings inside a cage that's just too small) "Leave." (Dust, rot, gangrene, shackles digging into skin) You walk forward.

  A Cold Grave

In a cold, snowy country a man finds a victim of a Drowner attack. The man is a psychic detective. An old friend. But why are you there?

Dream, created 2014/01/07 11:19

My first Twine story, and a test to see what I could get the program to do (considering my minimal coding experience.)


Reins is about the climactic reunion at the end of a reincarnation romance. Reins is more of a word labyrinth than a game or a story; it's a wandering through the easily-distracted mind of something that's been alive for a very, very long time. There are stories hidden here. Conversations. Confessions. Doubts, and certainties, and a certain sense of finality.

  Ascii Bird

By: BigStompyRobots (posted by Chris) (Humor, Twine, Beginner friendly)

Flappy Bird, reinvented in Twine, made for #flappyjam

  End Boss

By: Nick Keirle (posted by Chris) (Fantasy, Twine, Beginner friendly)

A story about the choices we make. Most interactive stories are about what you do - make peace, make love, make war - but End Boss is about why. Quick but interesting story. Commentary from the author


By: PaperBlurt (posted by Chris) (Horror, Humor, Science fiction, Twine, Beginner friendly)

Space horror/humor for Ludum Dare 30

  Seven Bullets

You're a skilled assassin ready to retire, but before you can call it quits, the Boss kidnaps your little sister, and now you need to use your arsenal of deadly skills to get her back. Will you make the choices that bring her home safely? Or will you get caught in a web of intrigue, assassins, and deadly combat? Only you can decide how this story ends...Do you have what it takes to survive?


Your brain will lead you towards the words within. See what's truly on your mind.

In The Wilderness

In "In The Wilderness" you are just a normal person sucked into the wilderness. You need to try to survive by making the right choices.


A short interactive story about growing up. Gender themes.

  Dream State Zero

Dream State Zero is a game where your mind is not your mind.

  Felipe Femur

The original children's story of Felipe Femur, the skeleton with a lot of heart, and his friends: Gummy the toothless werewolf, Runny the woozy witch, and Sunny the sun-loving vampire.

  Jones N. Forebuts and the Secret of the Golden Butt

A political comedy with marginally objectionable humor.

  Nights in Boulder

Nights in Boulder is an interactive story based game set in the years of 2010 & 2016. You're Matthew, desperately searching for your missing girlfriend after she never returned home from a night out with friends. On the hunt for your only lover, you backtrack from the day you met, to the day you last saw her.


The author hasn't written the description yet!

  Ice gift hunt

The story is set in distant future after another ice age caused by the apocalypse of forgotten origin. People of the new era are kind, intelligent and innocent. They don't remember their history but are very curious about what it was like. Every spring ancient icebergs come to their shores and melt revealing the frozen "gifts" of the past. Every "gift" helps to learn more about the history of humanity but studying them is dangerous. You can play as a child, teen, or adult from either of two tribes: cave dwellers or hunters. Each protagonist has three different stories to follow. The game is based on a webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice".


A body is found on the cliffs near a remote women's retreat. You're sent to investigate. A winter storm rages overhead. And a terrible secret is born.

Sagan om den fattiga familjen

Denna handlar om sonen som måste bege sig ut i världen för att skaffa pengar till sin familj. Men många saker händer på vägen, kan du få honom att överleva och kanske hitta kärleken?

  Dolores and the Cave

COME INTO THE CAVE, DOLORES. NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED IN A CAVE. You have your team, your caving gear, your equipment. You're all set to descend into a previously unexplored cave - the find of a lifetime. As you abseil down, you feel the rock heave around you. It's your worst nightmare - a cave-in. You wake up trapped. Hurt. Alone. Then a voice starts talking to you in the dark... *** Dolores and the Cave is a ten-minute horror game with nine different endings to explore. Don't worry, Dolores. Everything will be just fine.

  The Life and Pride of the Bayou

A frog tries to mate with the girl of his dreams, but he is not big or strong enough. So he must go through some real off-the-wall obstacles in order to fill up his belly.

  Werewolf House: Synthincisor

The final installment of the Werewolf House series, as seen on WerewolfHouse.com. The skullmination of the thrillogy — just in time for Halloween. The full moon is out and what started as a choose-your-own adventure site has transformed into a full-on interactive fiction game with a unique mechanic that lets you to add new layers to the soundtrack as you progress. It's free and dumb I hope you enjoy.


Clinic School is a virtual institute for sick kids who are hospitalized

  What to do?

The world is burning. Fascists are taking over. Human relations are degrading. Climate change is threatening the earth. The economy is about to crash. Education is in ruins. People are blinded and comfortably numb. There's no time left. This game is for those who are asking "what to do?" and are waiting for help. Click here after completing the game for an explanation: https://caoseamor.neocities.org/what_to_do_explain.html

  The Skeleton King

A choose your own adventure story set in a magical realm where you must fight for victory! I mean, those are the rules of the Queen's arena. Choose your hero! Choose how you fight! Will you fight with honor? Will you show no mercy? Or are you just interested in showing off to that hot female undead skeleton in the fourth row? Explore this new realm and jump between making choices for unique and interesting characters that will have lasting consequences.

  Auf der Eisi

Auf der hippen Eisenbahnstraße 2016-2018. Eine interaktive Geschichte über Aufgeben, kollektive Projekte, Ausgeh-abende in einem schillerndem Viertel, Solidarität, kommerzielle Strukturen, soziale Kämpfe und Schuld.

  Conversations With A Cape

Welcome to a world where superheroes are commonplace and integrated into the fabric of society. You are a journalist who desperately needs to pull together a profile to fill out the daily paper and you’ve managed to find one hero available for a last-minute interview. The questions you ask will affect the mood of your subject and the info you get. At the end you’ll see how you’ve done. Can you pull together a piece in time or will you just be another reporter ripped apart by your grumpy editor?

Orion Plans a party

Orion wants your help throwing a party for one of his friends. Not everyone is sure that this is a good idea.

Basil Learns to Socialise

Basil is getting too caught up in searching for a girl from his past, and it's time to intervene and remind him he has friends around right now that would like to see him.

Rhiannon Takes a Break

Rhiannon finally takes some time off work, but she doesn't know what to do with it

  Wordscapes Game Story

Should you be looking for a fun video game that will test mental performance and enable you to enhance your vocabulary, then Wordscapes is actually a fantastic option for you to check out. It combines virtually all the best which crosswords, word searching and anagrams can give in a contemporary digital structure. With over Ten million folks currently enjoying the enjoyment this specific video game provides, Wordscapes is proving to be the word hunt video game that people are becoming addicted to. If you could imagine a mix of a traditional crossword puzzle, anagrams and word searches you'd have a great understanding of what Wordscapes can give. In the game, a person is provided a circle of letters that they is required to make use of to work out the Wordscapes puzzle by finding every one of the words that it includes. You'll be able to certainly see how Wordscapes can assist you increase the way that you make use of and understand words and help you build up your language simultaneously. Wordscapes Quest Challenges are demanding but also amplify the enjoyment associated with taking part in this highly appealing word game. As proof of the game's recognition, Wordscapes is consistently ranked in virtually any selection of top rated word video games by users of Apple inc, Android os and Windows systems. There are lots of stages on the game for you to work your way along the levels, most of which can be very difficult, while others feel simpler. One of the things that people enjoy about the game is the fact that although it makes you use your brain it appears to do so whilst avoiding putting you within pressure. The game does not have any time element for you to work in, you take as long as you require to keep moving on. You are able to in fact temporarily halt the video game from virtually any level, with no loss or cost to you, and afterward start back again where you left off at a time that best suits you. This particular lack of time burden tends to make Wordscapes an exceptionally exciting and low worry video game. There is certainly a lot of full satisfaction gained from completing a Wordscapes puzzle, it's compared to the sensation of accomplishment you receive on completing an arduous crossword puzzle. And as the video game may be played out as frequently when you want when you advance one stage further, you are able to go on to encounter this sensation as often when you wish to. In exchange for your success in progressing through the stages the video game enhances and will keep transforming the backdrop. When you advance throughout the stages you will also be treated with coins that you'll be able to make use of to purchase letters or even hints to help you discover virtually any more challenging Wordscapes answers. There is even the opportunity to obtain extra points through solving bonus words. Something you might find interesting is the fact Wordscapes comes with out an option to communicate your personal message with other gamers. You essentially play the video game and succeed all on your own skill and understanding. It does not mean that you cannot involve others in helping you discover some of the words to be able to complete that level, but there is no online messaging procedure built into the video game. Wordscapes at this time includes over 6000 stages for one to work your journey through after which you will discover there are an additional two thousand plus master levels that wait for you. The master levels are comprised of a collection of categories and each group has Fifteen stages. At this stage when you operate through the various Fifteen levels you will discover they will get gradually tougher. Wordscapes isn't meant to be a video game for those who feel compelled to generally be productive each and every moment of the day, exactly what video game is? But it is a wonderful selection for people who search for a simple way to involve mental performance, improve their vocabulary and get endless low stress enjoyment. This can be a game that you'll be able to always keep returning to. The opportunity to quit and reboot in places you left, as well as the absence of any requirement to defeat the clock, mean it is a fairly easy video game to pick-up and place down when you want to. But be warned this is a game that may turn out to be addictive and you could well end up looking for the Wordscapes daily puzzle more frequently than you might have expected. But it's so much enjoyment you'll be doing it with a huge grin on your face. Another major attraction of the video game is the fact that you'll be able to dive right in and get going with virtually no prep or even trying to figure out what's going on. It is just really easy to get going and everything is so self-explanatory you can easily be in your swing of things and find yourself addicted. Wordscapes is really a true brain charger and extremely addicting which is certain to keep you up all night gaming before early on hours of early morning. Even though Wordscapes is a free video game the disruptions coming from advertisements do not spoil the video game play whatsoever. It is possible to by pass beyond the adverts following just a couple of seconds but if you find they really do annoy then you you'll be able to generate a small cost to get them taken out. Once again for people who tend to be more ambitious and simply have to find the Wordscapes Puzzle Answer, you'll always have the option to gain access to a Wordscapes Cheat or a Wordscapes Answer to help you stay moving forward.

  Rough Velvet

Can you help Garry survive his terrible night out? Featured in RoundLemon's digital media exhibition 'Worm'. A digital short story that explores the relationship between reader, work and author by using interactive fiction. The reader is invited to choose what the protagonist will do next, the digital narrative changes depending on what path is taken. There are three main plot lines to follow. The work aims to be humourous, though also explores the dynamic between perceived differences of genders, whether the police function in an efficient manner and the safety of sex in club culture.