Grass is the engine that powers Adventure Cow stories. It's designed to be really good at making gamebooks (and someday other things, too!).

Cow theme (ALPHA) for Twine 1.4.2

Last update 2016/9/26

We made the Cow theme to make it easier to publish Twine stories. Using the Cow theme you can both create your own HTML files for use wherever you want, or publish a Twine story straight to the web.

How do I use Cow?

To install the Cow theme, unzip it to the targets folder of Twine. On Windows this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Twine\targets.

Once you've installed the Cow theme, you should be able to publish to Cow by selecting Cow in the Story Format menu:

If you have any trouble, check the Twine forums or the Cow forums.