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Akabane Nights

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Horror, Twine
By: D.H. Harrison (posted by Chris)

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A short story where you play as a vampire and try to survive the night in Tokyo. From the author:

This is my first Twine game, an attempt to create a sandbox-style experience. You're a vampire living near Akabane Station in Northern Tokyo (not too far from where I live!)

There are a few different endings, though the main goal is simply to survive the night. You could just go out then back to bed if you want! There are several ways to die if you're not careful. It's also impossible to do everything in one night, so you have to replay it to see all the different things you can do. Time passes as you move to different areas.

WARNING: It has bad language, (mild) sexual content and graphic violence. You can also stalk and attack people on the street, so potential TRIGGER WARNING!


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